Here are some long overdue neighborhood information for Sunrise Creek.

MARKETSUMMARY For Sunrise Creek 4 16 2010

The average sold price is staying around $312K.  As we come into this summer months we would like the opportunity for anyone thinking of buying or selling a home to give us a call and see how we ma be able to help you.  Thanks!

303.601.2718   OR   303.854.1770

Selling Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!


Moving Day!

Posted: April 16, 2010 in Sunrise Creek Living

It’s be a little while since I put something new up, sorry!

I think once and awhile it’s good for a REALTOR to experience the pain our clients feel when they have to move.  Well, it’s painful and I feel your pain. 

It starts out great you’re organized and by the end, you’re shoving all different sorts of things of various nature into the same box!  Just to get it done.  AGHH! The pain, the pain.

Well, that pain subsides when you move into your new home and the biggest pain is how to plant the furniture.  This here that there.  THe kids fighting over who gets what room.  The first family dinner at the new home.  It’s all good in the end.

From my painful experience a couple of ideas:

1)  Garage sale.  Street and internet.  I got rid of a lot of “stuff” on It is truly the cyber garage sale.  Hint, put up pictures and as much information about what you want to sale and skip people who ask for silly requests.  Like could you measure the foam density of you couch.  In other words, you should get lost.  CASH only!  Repeat CASH only and no returns.

2)  Family and friends.  If you have something they may like, clothes furniture.

All in all it’s worth it.

Home buyer tax credit runs out at the end of the month.  If you’re a buyer you have until April 30th to get a home under contract to enjoy the credit.

Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!

Here are new market stats for this week going back 6 months.  Nothing too unusual.  Homebuyers/seller stimulus package is running out.  Time to move!

Sunrise Creek report for the week of 4.2.2010

Short Sales, new stuff

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Sunrise Creek Living

This is some detailed information about ShortSales_Mar10_from a title company I use.  It gives a little more in depth into how a short sale works.  Some times this is hard to sort out, so send an e-mail and we’ll “un-code” it.

Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!

Neighborhood Info

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Sunrise Creek Living

This is a big Neighborhood Snapshot 3 2010, but has lots of information on zip 80127. 

Schools info, market info, demographics, and more.  Check it out.

Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionaly!

School News

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Sunrise Creek Living

Some news from our JEFFCO schools.  Don’t forget the snow make up day is April 5th.

Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!

Positive Information

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Sunrise Creek Living

Positive Perspective_Mar_pdf

The file above gives some positive news about the economy and real estate.  So many times all we hear is the bad stuff, time for some good news!

Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!