OK, moving did not happen as previously reported.  Wrote the ending too soon…

OK, I’m going to give everyone that is going to move soon a few ideas to think about as you make plans.  Please,  PLEASE, if this helps but one  family, it will have been worth the pain and suffering.  These apply to buyers and   sellers as both are moving, sometimes over the top of each other!

First develop a plan of action

        This does not involve waiting until the day before to line up trucks and soon to be former friends. Start when you are under contract. 

        It is key to remind your soon to be former friends (referred from here on as FF’s) via every method possible. 

Contact your FF’s

Phone them early and often, about once a week if you start early. Skip leaving a message, it does not work. 

“Oh, I never got your message.” Uh huh…

        E-mail works if you send it to them AT work.  No excuses there.  Home e-mail will be ignored with,

                                                                                                  “Sorry I never check that e-mail.” Uh huh… 

        Have your kid text their kid.  See below for more thoughts on this. This one is Flawless!

        Mail is useful in this manner.  As soon as they say yes, send them a handwritten note profusely thanking them for their kind offer to help you on your special day of moving. Be sure to include the date. You just may just make it on the refrigerator!  Word it just like that.  It does several things.  First, it’s handwritten.  Who can resist that?  Second you  are thanking them in advance for what they are going to do for you.  Third are the words, “kind offer”.  It makes them believe it was their idea to help.  “Special Day.” Who can resist that!  If they say “No”, and if you are sneaky, send them  a handwritten note a couple of weeks after your request.  Maybe they will have forgotten and show up anyway. How could a FF refuse?

        Social Media.  Only works on the younger crowd.  That’s good though, younger backs don’t break as easily. Try     www.FaceBook.com first.  It’s still the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  Also, www.Twitter.com and  www.Linked-in.com.  Keep it light and mention, in vague terms, maybe there might be food and drink AFTER the move, and don’t forget the phrase, for those that “helped move.”  Very  important to make sure this is a moving day, not a picnic.  Beer, burgers, pizza, whatever AFTER you’re done.

        Smoke signals and sky writing are often overlooked as communication tools.

        Don’t forget the kid pressure element.  Have YOUR kid invite THEIR kid over and ask if the parents could stay for  5 or 6 hours, or longer. “We’re eating later at the new place. Please come join us. Oh, I see you have a truck…”

Next move.  Getting rid of things.

                                        This is usually difficult.  You MUST decide what’s what. That is:

          Sentimental things.  This is always a killer.  It’s difficult, but if it’s been in a box, in the basement, for 10 years, how sentimental is it really?

          Personal things you use/wear/need on a regular basis.  Box everything but the bare essentials at least 7 days prior to moving day.  People at work may look at you strangely because you’re wearing the same thing several times in the same week.  Just tell them you were robbed.  “Only took the clothes?! Go figure.”  Gives the illusion you’re an excellent dresser, but then again you already knew that.

          This covers most of the things we all have.  Useless, something you HAD to have, things bought during the middle of the night while on Ambien and Margaritas’. Get rid of it!  Here’s how:

                          www.Craigslist.com  This site is a small free miracle.  If you can sell it, give it a try, if not,  GIVE it away.  It beats moving stuff you will never use. AND consider this!  The best thing  about Craig’s, people move it themselves.  This reduces your lost FF’s category. Oh, and use pictures on the website. 

                          www.Ebay.com  Not as quick as the Craig’s option, but better for items that may be of value that can be shipped easily. Costs when you sell.

                          www.Amazon.com  I’ve never used this site. It seems a little expensive to sell on it, but if  you have something really great give it a try and let me know.

                          Your local Goodwill, ARC, Church, charity, etc.  Keep in mind it is good deed and a tax deduction.  Get a receipt!

                          Friends and family.  You may reduce your list of lost FF’s by giving away things you no  longer want.

        If you choose to store your stuff/junk consider the cost of storage these days.  I had a huge couch and chair that was about 5 years old.  The cat loved it, ;-).  After 3 months of storage I could buy a NEW couch for what   I  would pay in storage. I would have had to move it out to storage, move it again when I had room somewhere.   Oh  my back! Think about it.

OK, now we have it sorted out between things we really want to keep and things that can be sold or given to family.  This works best if you are single and only have to argue with yourself.  If you find yourself doing this, seek medical help.  Moving can do this to a person. It last about 6 years, then goes away.  You can tell when you start thinking about a new home, you’re cured!

Box everything that has been saved for the new house.

Need boxes, of course you do!  Local liquor stores are a great resource.  They hate breaking down boxes for the dumpster and most will gladly give them to you.  Consider picking up a few heavy-duty boxes for valuable or big items.  Try local rental companies, or the big box stores.

Hint #1:  Get beer boxes, they have handle cutouts and are longer than wine boxes. Stack better too. I’ve found FF’s like more, lighter boxes than big ones that take 4 college-aged body builders to move.

Hint #2:  Get the boxes at least 2 weeks before moving day and not at the end of the month.  I saw a fight break out over a perfectly conditioned Coors Light box at month’s end. The box was lost.  Everyone wants boxes at the end of the month.

Hint #3:  You will need at least 1/3 more boxes than you thought, even after you’re packed.  You can always take them back or sell them to someone who didn’t read this post.  The best price will be the last week of the month to sell.

This boxing process should begin almost immediately after going under contract.  Things used rarely first, and as you get closer to closing, things used frequently.  Expect to eat out a lot in the final week.  Call your REALTOR, hit the samples at COSTCO, Sam’s Club, see what your neighbors are having that night.  They WILL be missing you…

Moving Day!!

This is where the planning all comes together.  Boxes stacked and marked by contents (for your information) and to be put in which room (for your FF’s).  Big, heavy stuff first while there is some strength left.  Boxes, small beer boxes, remember to the proper rooms.  Put them in a corner that no furniture will go into.  If you don’t you’ll move that furniture twice! 

It actually is more orderly if you are the one directing traffic.  Now this makes sense, as it’s your new home and you know where everything should go.  That’s the purpose for marking the contents and room.  It does make the numbers of FF’s increase dramatically.

Well then, in Colorado there is always the weather. The day before MY moving day it was 78 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  On moving day, it went from snow to sleet to a steady rain. A nice 30  to 45 degrees. At least when I broke my finger, I couldn’t feel it.  Good thing I did not have moving lined up for the previous day, we’d be sweaty…

OK, things are off the trucks, everyone is beat to death, hungry, thirsty.  Call for pizza and make a run for fluids of some type.  The BBQ should be the next week. Give out some simple awards.  Such as the first person to draw blood, (I got second, I’ll try harder next time. Mark got first and Kelly, third), dropped furniture, a broken finger wins all.  Set up the bed, take something for the inevitable back, shoulder, leg pain that will come in the AM. You’re done!  And see how much easier following this article and avoiding my mistakes made all this much easier!  All that remains is UN-PACKING!

Or you could just hire a moving crew…and write a check!


Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!


Here are some market stats for southern JEFFCO.  I have it for every market segment of the metro area.  Let me know if you would like additional areas.

Interest rates are really low now.  Unless you are needing a jumbo loan, rates are below 5% for qualified buyers/re-finance.


Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!

OK, coming soon, as soon as I get out of traction. 😉   A follow-up to this REALTOR’s moving day.  Things never go as planned, but maybe this blog post about moving will help cut back on the pain…  Give me a few days to recover and save the post for notes when you decide to move.  Hopefully, you’ve contacted us first.

“No, wait, more stairs??!!”  …

…From a friend who shall remain nameless…


Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!


JEFFCO Schools

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Sunrise Creek Living

I just thought I’d let everyone know that the JEFFCO School District has a FaceBook page.  Many of you may already know this, but in case you did not here you go!  Just log in and search on Jeffco Schools.  It give a little more information about what is in the classrooms vs. the JEFFCO website that is mostly stats.

I’m on their too and post listing and requests for buyers from time to time.  Michael Jentoft

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home contact us first.  


Marketing Traditional Homes…Un-Traditionally!

Homeowner Tax Credit

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Sunrise Creek Living

Well, this is the last week for the tax credit.  Friday is the end of the credit and no talk or even rumors of extending it this time.  First time home owners need to be UNDER CONTRACT by Friday the 30th.  It can still be done, but if you’re interested, e-mail TODAY!


Here is an interesting article I ran across on the WSJ website.  As unemployment is still high, not as high in Colorado as other parts of our country, people looking for work might find this useful.  Even if you are in a secure position, it’s worth a read.

If you, or a friend, or a family member is thinking of buying or selling a home, give us a call and you will receive 1st Class service.




JEFFCO School News

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Sunrise Creek Living

Here’s the latest  news from the Jefferson County School District.  Lots of articles and a good one about keeping our kids safe during prom season.

VERY worth reading!!

Spring has sprung and if you are thinking of buying or selling give us a call!



Marketing Traditional Homes…Untraditionally!